• These IC's are insane! Soundstage blew up today... wider, bigger, deeper... more powerful... you are a cable genius.
  • Besides a truly excellent set of interconnects, the customer service is beyond reproach.
Technical comments: Imaging - vastly improved, both width of sound stage and depth Frequency response - smoother, cleaner high end, great mid-range and deep. 
  • Simply put...The best sounding interconnects I have ever heard, at a price that defies audiophile logic. Thanks John!
  • John,
I received the IC's today, my response....WOW!!!! AMAZING!! SPECTACULAR!!! Pleaselet me know me know the price for a L/R pair of 13.5 feet speaker cables (banana ends)for both pair. I will send the money to you this Friday or Saturday. I will continue to purchase additional cables from you. Thanks a Million John!!! I will certainly spread the word about your amazing cables...
  • Outstanding seller. The Cryo-Nova cables are by FAR the best sounding cables I haveheard (or NOT heard!) in my system. Amazing clarity, speed and detail, with no tonal colorations at all-at 1/10th the price of my previous favorites! WOW"
  • " Absolutely fantastic cables. The sound from top to bottom is rich and transparent.
Imaging is clear open and spot on. I suspect these cables can only be held back by your associated equip.,and or speakers. Build, Service, and Comm. Exc. "
  • " John,I've been listening to the system with your cables in and I have to agree...theysound fantastic!...$70 cables on $21000 speakers!....lol...I don't need anything else...smooth and non-fatiguing...actually, there is no sound associated withthose cables...and that's exactly what they're suppose to do...:) "
  • "John, use me as a reference anytime. I had some time to listen for a while, keep on making these cables!!! The best, they are so musical and natural" !!
  • "John.
    I thought I would email you and tell my impressions of the cables. I didn't think they
were going to be any better than what I was already using, but I was mistaken. They're staying in my system and are replacing some very expensive cables.
The difference was not a small one. I realized how good everything else in my system was after putting in your cables.They sound... beautiful.
I never knew how open and deep a sound stage could sound. I want to thank you for producing such a great cable at such an affordable price."
  • "After listening to these cables reproducing sounds I hadn't heard before on albums I've been playing for years, I am amazed.
    Even my wife, who doesn't usually compliment on the "Quality" of the music, said she heard so much more from the speakers.
    Best investment I have made in awhile. I would like to order another set of cables with........"
  Thanks, Gene
  • "GOT THE CABLES!!!!!
    I will give you my utmost honest impressions
1) Opened the package - ohhhh, they are a lot thinner than I expected. The stiffness of the cable is kind of a pain to work with and set up. (in my setup the cables will be exposed)2) Attach to amp- still finding the stiffness a pain, really hoping this was worth it.3) Turned on system - HOLY S**T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!! I thought I had a good setup b4 and upgrading to the next level was going to require a 5 figure investment. I was dead wrong. I am hearing the music in a whole new way,songs that I thought I knew forwards and backwards are revealing new sounds, notes, clarity not heard b4. Soundstage is HUGE. I am very very impressed and grateful that I did not spend $1500 on cables like my local shop ownersuggested.Congrats, job well done my friend.Thanks for everything (including the shipping issues)."
  • "John,
    These cables are among the finest hand-assembled things I have ever
    received. They make my speakers sing. I've actually kept the coil
    shape laid out from the amp to the posts because I like the look. I
    would happily recommend your product to anyone who cared about such
    things. Excellent work, I'm extremely happy."


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